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An educational and public policy consulting firm, i3 Consulting, LLC was created to assist organizations with overcoming institutional issues and improving operations.

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i3 Consulting, LLC

Our goal is to assist institutions of higher education, small businesses, and non-profit organizations with creating and implementing tailored solutions to problems that have historically hindered optimal efficiency. We collectively work to align best practices, regulations, and policy to course correct historical issues and strengthen the trajectory of organizational leadership, processes, and strategic plans. i3 Consulting, LLC is committed to accelerating our clients’ vision.


i3 Consulting specializes in analyzing business practices to determine strengths, weaknesses preventing growth, opportunities that will support sustainability, and threats that directly or indirectly inhibit institutional development. i3 uses data collection and analyzation to conduct an environmental scan, and inform clients of the best path forward.

Through the creation of personalized and targeted professional development, we guide and influence impactful decision-making and positive workplace behavior. i3 methods inspires organizations to achieve success through leadership and team development.



At i3 Consulting, innovative strategy and insight lead the tailored approach used to assist clients with ensuring they are in the ultimate position for optimization.

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